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Administrative Achievement Awards

Introduced in 2018, the Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) accord recognition to full-time staff who undertake a significant amount of administrative work responsibilities, and have made an impact though exemplary performance and outstanding service.

Administrative Achievement Awards 2019

Click here for the list of Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) 2019 Winners
Click here for the list of Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) 2018 Winners

Criteria Assessment

Exemplary Performance

  • Consistently performs and delivers work that exceeds expectations 
  • Makes significant contributions at work that produce effective results
  • Applies innovation and creativity to improve work processes and operational efficiencies
  • Demonstrates confidence and courage in carrying out work decisions that leads to impactful outcomes

Outstanding Service

  • Consistently works professionally, respectfully and effectively with others 
  • Shows commitment and passion for helping colleagues succeed
  • Significantly improves service to stakeholders that results in increased satisfaction
  • Acts with integrity by fostering trust, collaboration and cooperation among colleagues and members of the community


Congratulations to our AAA 2019 Joint Winners and Merit Recipients!

AAA 2019 Joint Winners and Merit Recipients
(From L-R: Winners Angie Tan and Daphne Lee, Merit Recipients Bibiana Teh, Mary Ng and Cynthia Chew)


AAA 2019 Winners

Angie Tan

Angie readily takes the lead for adhoc events and is highly committed and passionate in her roles. She went the extra mile to search and share with the Women in Science programme participants, relevant news and inspirational examples of successful women professionals. When faced with arduous tasks that required complex coordinating, she could still prepare detailed and individualised guest itineraries.

Favourite part of her job? Work is always fun and there is immediate gratification in seeing the clinician clients learn new skills at the various workshops and events.


Tan Baoyan Angie
Senior Executive, 
Centre for Clinician-Scientist Development
Office of Research

Daphne Lee

An exemplary performer and champion in the Centre for Ageing Research & Education, Daphne has devoted the last 3 years to help the team grow by providing excellent administrative support.  A good communicator and problem solver, she also plays a major supporting role in overcoming apparent administrative obstacles. Daphne is virtually unflappable – goes down to minute details to ensure schedules are managed appropriately.

Favourite part of her job? Being able to work with her bosses comfortably and coming to a caring work environment each day.

Daphne Lee Mei Lai

Management Assistant Officer, 
Centre for Ageing Research & Education
Office of Research


AAA 2019 Merit Recipients

Bibiana Teh

Bibiana Anne Teh Ai In
Associate Director

MD Programme 
Office of Education

Mary Ng

Ng Soek Cheng Mary
Management Assistant Officer

Student Affairs & Alumni Relations
Office of Education

Cynthia Chew

Chew Xin Yu Cynthia
Senior Executive, 

Centre for Technology & Development
Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bibiana is an extremely thorough, diligent and hard-working team member. She always remembers the details needed to keep on track with policies and be aligned with the relevant regulations. A role model in the Office of Education, she goes all out of her way to support students’ requests, explores ways to improve efficiency and strives to make things ethical and correct. 

Favourite part of her job? Being able to provide solutions to issues that arise and knowing that doing her job indirectly helps our school, students and colleagues.

Mary is an exemplary teammate who shows remarkable compassion and support to colleagues and students, while having the courage and professional integrity to speak up if she thinks that something should be done differently. She takes a keen interest in mentoring younger, or newer teammates and caring for her team. She is also very committed to helping colleagues succeed.

Favourite part of her job? Seeing the students graduate and evolve into outstanding clinicians who will make a positive difference to the community.

Cynthia consistently exceeds expectations and is frequently one step ahead of any incoming tasks. She unilaterally conceived, designed and implemented a Project Income & Expenses tracking system for her department, and also assessed and implemented alternative approaches to improve process efficiency. Any tasks that are assigned to her will not be forgotten and will be completed excellently and efficiently.

Favourite part of her job? The opportunity to develop an Income & Expenses tracking system for CTeD’s commercialisation projects.