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Duke-NUS - Dean's Excellence Awards



Introduced in 2013, the prestigious Dean’s Excellence Awards accord recognition to passionate staff who espouse the school’s values, make significant impact within and beyond the school, seek continuous improvement in their personal best and considered a role model for all. 

Award Categories and Criteria


There are four award categories and their criteria are: 

(1) Excellence in Administration

  • Made significant contributions either as a leader or in his/her professional areas of work
  • Innovative in creating ways to improve efficiency and productivity in their respective function within and outside the School.

(2) Excellence in Education

  • Excelled in engaging and inspiring students in their journey of academic pursuit.
  • Recognised in advancing new teaching methodologies, effecting new curriculum development or making a significant contribution to the educational mission of the School.

(3) Excellence in Research

  • Made outstanding contributions to research & development that leads to results in new discoveries or secured significant amount of grants.
  • Played a strategic role in the research & development beyond the School.

(4) Excellence in Leadership (category introduced in 2018)

  • Inspired and influenced others to deliver impactful results through his/her knowledge and experience
  • Displayed visionary foresight and made tough decisions for the benefit of the team and school 
  • Balanced realism with optimism by setting challenging but realistic goals to champion a vision or cause

Congratulations to our recipients:


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