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Administrative Achievement Awards

Introduced in 2018, the Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) accord recognition to full-time staff who undertake a significant amount of administrative work responsibilities, and have made an impact though exemplary performance and outstanding service.

Administrative Achievement Awards

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Criteria Assessment

Exemplary Performance

  • Consistently performs and delivers work that exceeds expectations 
  • Makes significant contributions at work that produce effective results
  • Applies innovation and creativity to improve work processes and operational efficiencies
  • Demonstrates confidence and courage in carrying out work decisions that leads to impactful outcomes

Outstanding Service

  • Consistently works professionally, respectfully and effectively with others 
  • Shows commitment and passion for helping colleagues succeed
  • Significantly improves service to stakeholders that results in increased satisfaction
  • Acts with integrity by fostering trust, collaboration and cooperation among colleagues and members of the community



  • All full-time Duke-NUS staff who undertake a significant amount of administrative work responsibilities
  • The staff should not be in any adverse situations, for example:
    • Does not have “Needs Improvement” performance grade, is not under Performance Improvement Plan, and/or not under disciplinary charges or investigation(s). 
  • The staff must be in active service and not serving or being served notice of termination at the time of nomination/ receiving award.


Award Selection

The AAA Evaluation Committee will assess and select among the winners of the Administrative Achievement Awards.

Congratulations to our AAA 2018 Joint Winners and Merit Recipients!

Congratulations to our AAA 2018 Joint Winners and Merit Recipients
(From L-R: Goh Sok Hong, Lydia Dong, Dean Thomas Coffman, Cynthia Lim and Stephanie Shirley William)
(not pictured: AAA Joint Winner Amy Chua)


AAA 2018 Joint Winners

AAA 2018 Joint Winner Amy Chua

"I was completely taken by surprise. This award recognition is a humbling experience and it continues to motivate me to do my best at the workplace. While I definitely enjoy tackling complex grant management applications and finding solutions around it, it’s not just a job to me but I take pride in what I do. Thank you everyone for your support. Let us continue to collaborate to make things even better."

Chua Hui Wan Amy
Assistant Manager, Sponsored Research
Office of Research

AAA 2018 Joint Winner Cynthia Lim

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation! Winning any award is a form of affirmation – it sweetens the stress at work and encourages me to strive even harder. There’s never a dull moment at work as I get to meet new visitors often and every event is unique. It helps that I have wonderful bosses, colleagues and an incredible team and I just want to share this award with all of you."

Lim Eng Leng Cynthia
Assistant Manager, Research Affairs
Office of Research


AAA 2018 Merit Recipients

AAA2018 Merit Recipient Lydia Dong

Dong Wenli Lydia
Senior Executive, Human Resources
Office of Corporate Services

AAA2018 Merit Recipient Goh Sok Hong

Goh Sok Hong
Senior Associate Director, MD Programme
Office of Education

AAA2018 Merit Recipient Stephanie Shirley William

Stephanie Shirley William
Management Assistant Officer, Programme in EID
Office of Research

"I’m honoured and grateful to be recognised for my work and dedication. I always enjoy partnering with my colleagues, helping them build fruitful careers at work and I will continue to do my best in this area. Thank you everyone for the affirmation, encouragement and support. A special shout out to my team for the camaraderie that we have fostered that makes work so enjoyable, despite the challenges."

- Dong Wenli Lydia

"I am delighted to receive this recognition and thankful to everyone who have supported me and appreciated my work. The greatest satisfaction is when I’m able to provide the best service to my students and faculty and I’m blessed to be in an environment which enables me to develop my passion. I am happy to have the opportunities to serve and will put my best foot forward."

- Goh Sok Hong

"As shocked as I was by the news, I was thrilled to receive my superiors’ recognition. I thoroughly enjoy working with my PIs, and also connecting with my international visitors for each and every EID Seminar Series events and the Signature Seminar Series. To me, appreciation is the best gift to any employee and I want to thank my bosses for their support and trust in my work."

- Stephanie Shirley William