2015 VAA Winners

The Values Ambassador Awards continue to be a popular annual staff recognition scheme, as the number of nominations received this year was the highest since it was launched in 2013.

The five winners for the scheme’s third edition were revealed at the staff townhall gathering on 10 September. It was a fitting tribute to their positive work attitude in exemplifying the school’s core values and inspiring their colleagues through the impact and value of their contributions.

This year was also special as one of the winners clinched the award for the second time – an achievement that is deserving of a new “Favourite Ambassador” award category.

Read what our five winning Values Ambassador winners and their nominators have to say: -

Zeena Akhbar, Administrative Specialist, Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI), Office of Clinical Sciences
“I am so proud to be chosen as one of the winners for this year’s Values Ambassador Awards. I want to express my deepest appreciation to my superiors and all my wonderful colleagues at AMRI, and everyone at Duke-NUS for giving me this honour. You guys are an awesome team! THANK YOU!”

What Shanti Rajaram (Office of Research), said about Zeena: -
“I have known Zeena as a colleague and friend. She is very knowledgeable and never hesitates to guide and share her knowledge with others. She has helped and guided me in many ways. As a friend, she has never failed to amuse me with her jokes. She always quotes that the value of friendship is more important than money.”

Connie Wu, Senior Manager, Lien Centre for Palliative Care
“Thank you for this award. I dedicate this success to my wonderful team and boss.”

What Joy Chang (Lien Centre for Palliative Care), said about Connie: -
“Connie has been the rock in keeping our team running during a difficult and short-staffed time. She has excellent communication and management skills that I really appreciate. Her ability to work efficiently and effectively while respecting others is something I admire and would like to emulate. She is willing to be flexible and do everything in her power for the projects, even when they were not part of her job description. She is someone I look up to and am extremely grateful to be working with.”

Ashley Tan, Manager, Risk Management, Office of Corporate Services
"This is the special moment when I have a pat on the shoulder that inspires me to continue to make my every effort in living the values through my daily work. Being part of the Duke-NUS family is something that I treasure most. I am humbled as there are many others who deserve this award more."

What Muhammad Yusuf (Office of Education), said about Ashley: -
“Ashley has made quite a huge impact on me as one of the most professional ladies I have met. She is always open to new and diverse ideas and thoughts, and at the same time respectful of the conversation that transpires between her and others. She listens attentively and is always mindful of her professional conduct when being around her colleagues and friends. She is always ever eager to work together to come up with solutions to obstacles.”


Ms Mary Ng, Management Assistant Officer, Student Affairs, Office of Education
“I feel privileged to be one of this year’s Values Ambassador winner and would like to share this award with my understanding and supportive boss, as well as my fellow team mates, without whom this award will not be possible.  Thank you also to all my Duke-NUS colleagues for making our work environment a positive and nurturing one.”

What Jennifer Davis (Office of Education), said about Mary: -
“Mary is passionate about supporting our medical students. She has regularly gone above and beyond to ensure their needs are met and they have smiles on their faces. She is also a great team player, taking on additional responsibilities to ensure that students’ needs did not slip through the cracks. No matter how much Mary has on her to-do list and how stressed she is about deadlines, she is always willing to take a pause and answer questions and help others."

Ms Dollis Ang, Senior Administrative Specialist, Office of Research
“Every day is a new learning experience and these values serve as a reminder of my thoughts, words and actions. It’s indeed a joy and honour to be nominated for this award”.

What Ong Hui Ping (Office of Corporate Services), said about Dolliss: -
“It is such a great pleasure to work with Dolliss, who is always approachable and willing to share knowledge in respectful ways. I am truly impressed with her professionalism, creativity and positive attitude which helps shape a bright corporate culture. She is a rare GEM!”