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About upbeat
upbeat is a blog produced by the Duke-NUS Student Recruitment & Admissions office, dedicated to bring you, the reader, stories from our students. We hope to engage, inspire and charm you with musings from our school.

How upbeat was conceptualized
The name upbeat was thought of by a couple of bright, talented first year Duke-NUS Medical students after an hour long session of brain-storming and doodling on the white board.

Our Comments Policy (including comments made via sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Outlets)
Upbeat’s goal is to provide readers with real, honest, informative, constructive and entertaining information. We hope that you will enjoy reading the stories on upbeat as much as we do. We also hope that you share our stories on your personal facebook and twitter pages. Readers are more than welcome to comment on our posts and our goal is not to be too harsh in controlling comments, but we do moderate comments so that other readers can enjoy reading the blog too. We may not publish a comment if: 1) it bullies or harasses writers or other commenters; 2) it is likely to offend other readers, such as the use of offensive words;  3) it exposes the private data of others. We also will not approve comment spam.

Posts and entries by upbeat are not official statements of Duke-NUS

The posts, stories and entries that you read on upbeat are purely personal views from our authors. They are not intended to be official statements from Duke-NUS.

Who designed the Upbeat logo?
The logo was designed by Andrew Chou (Class of 2015)