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Contributed by Swati Jain, Class of 2014

Swati is all smiles!

If there is something that everybody in this world has done even once, it will probably be having a dream. Whether it is as a child, or as a bored student in a classroom or even as the would-be-spouse standing at the altar taking their wedding vows, dreams have always been a part of our lives. While preparing myself for this blog entry, I wonder to myself about  what I should write since there are so many things that I can talk about and things that I want to tell the people around me. After all, I wouldn't want to bore the readers of this blog!  Coming back to the point, medicine has been my dream right from childhood and if something is helping me fulfil my dream, it is indeed this school.
When I was in my first year, I would wake up every morning, yawning and thinking about the upcoming test at 8 am. As soon as I stepped inside the building, I saw the long staircase ahead of me; that staircase leading to the TeamLEAD room reminded me of three things:
1.      I wished I could have taken the lift.
2.      This is what I came for, every time I answered the exam, it would be bring me 0.01% closer towards understanding medicine
3.      The journey towards achieving my dream, is probably as long as this staircase and there are no elevators to help me – I need to take every step with courage and diligence as each step is in fact a learning milestone.

People would wonder why I have chosen to write about something so cliché like having dreams. But when I think about what has gotten me going through these 1.5 years, it is a constant reminder that I am working towards my goal, towards my very dream which I wanted to achieve all these years. Even though I am so far from it, the amazing learning opportunities and constant encouragement from the faculty around me even during the times when I felt things were going in a completely wrong direction has kept me going. Looking at the faculty and learning from them, has further reinforced in me that you just have to dare to dream! You will end up landing on a path that will lead you towards it.
Being a Korean music fan, I would end this blog entry with an amazing song title “Hope is a dream that doesn’t sleep”!
Enjoy your dreams! You are living it now!