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Project Dove, the Duke-NUS Overseas Volunteering Expedition, organized annually by Duke-NUS medical students, aims to improve health efforts in the surrounding regions. Last month, our team of students and faculty conducted a 3-day mobile clinic and health education program for the underserved in the town of Lembang, located in the province of West Bandung, Indonesia. With the help of local translators, they provided health screening and treated common medical problems to the townsfolk, and educated children and teachers at an orphanage on personal hygiene and basic first aid skills. Here are some pictures from our trip:

Duke-NUS Overseas Volunteering Expedition

Angela (Class of 2017) and Lianghe (Class of 2019) listen attentively to a patient's issues


Checking the Patient

Xueling (Class of 2017) listening to a patient's lungs and heart


Dr Jacqueline Mahal reviewing a management plan with students


Jasmin (Class of 2019) and Francine (Class of 2017) triaging before patients are seen for consultation


Joanne (Class of 2019) guiding a teenager at the orphanage as she practices bandaging for an ankle sprain


Jolene (Class of 2019) taking history from a patient while Brian (Class of 2017) scribes before presenting to Dr Paul Yen (left)


Linus (Class of 2019) using his previous experience as a pharmacist to run our makeshift pharmacy


Students all gowned up for delicing during our visit to an orphanage


Townsfolk from Lembang waiting outside to be seen


Vanessa (Class of 2019) explains medication instructions through a translator


The team of first and third year medical students with faculty and nurses from our partner organisation


Contributed by: Alicia Ong, Class of 2017