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Our Student Bio video of the day featuring Ho Shu Fang from the Class of 2016!

Shu Fang shares her story on why she decided to pursue medicine even though she came from an entirely different background: business.

Watch the video here:

By Edwin Yang, Class of 2016

In the blink of an eye, we have survived one semester as medical students in Duke-NUS. Being a first year here is certainly a humbling, eye-opening but yet immensely rewarding experience.

I have always enjoyed challenging myself and I have always thought of myself as someone who was tenacious and persistent. This “tenacity” was soon to be put to the test.

Next up in our Student Bio series... Meet Chong Xiao Yun from the Class of 2016!

Xiao Yun talks about why she decided to make a switch from Bioengineering to Medicine, how she has benefited from the TeamLEAD curriculum and her advice to prospective students of Duke-NUS:

By Ku Chee Wai, Class of 2013

As a final year Duke-NUS medical student, how have you grown in the past 4 years?

A lot more white hair now for sure! Well fortunately for me my perception of the profession has not changed. We put in long hours and hard work, we strive to do our best for our patients and we hope to get them healthy enough to be discharged back home into the community. I have witnessed the choices, priorities and sacrifices it takes to be a doctor. I have also met many role models whom I wish to emulate when I become a senior doctor in many years to come. Being faced with a critically ill patient was a real challenge. The emotional roller coaster that the families go through and how the choice of words we say can make things better or worst adds to the challenge. I still remember I was rather distraught when my first patient passed on. It was a young child in a road traffic accident and that made it particularly difficult.

Here is our featured Student Bio video of the day:

Meet Terence Tay from the Class of 2016. Terence talks about why he wanted to switch from Pharmacy to Medicine, his inspiration behind this and the support he receives from the Residential College and his team mates.

Our fifth Student Bio video features Owen Png from the Class of 2016.

Owen talks about life as a current first year medical student, his experience during the White Coat Ceremony and why he decided to choose Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

Watch his Student Bio video here:

On Friday 14th December 2012, the Class of 2016 hosted a Christmas Party where several faculty members, Duke-NUS staff and students were present. Everyone enjoyed a scrumptious buffet meal and played exciting games organized by the class. Overall, it was an enjoyable Christmas celebration! View the photos below!

Today, we are featuring Marissa Leow from the Class of 2016! Marissa talks about the support she gets from the College system, why she decided to pursue her MD at Duke-NUS and her thoughts on what makes Duke-NUS unique.

Watch the full video below:

Last Friday, our first year MD and MD-PhD students celebrated the end of the Normal Body Course. They will be taking a short break from now till January, where classes will resume with the Brain & Behaviour Course.

Photo credits: Edwin Yang, Class of 2016

Our fourth Student Bio video features Wong Kok Loon from the Class of 2016.

Kok Loon shares how his previous work experience has added value to him as a medical student, his experience at Duke-NUS thus far and his reason for deciding to pursue an MD. Click on the video below to find out more.