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Duke-NUS Sim Man

Contributed by Dr Mara McAdams

Name: Duke-NUS Sim Man (aliases: Mr Sim, Mrs Sim)

My Job: I live in the Clinical Performance Center and am ready 24/7 to help train the medical students in physical exam skills, clinical reasoning and procedural skills.

Strengths: I can withstand a million cardiac resuscitations; I am not embarrassed by intimate physical examination; I am willing to be a novice’s guinea pig for procedures.

Weaknesses: I cry tears; I moan when handled roughly; I sweat when students don’t know how to treat me; most nights I am lonely.

Duke-NUS Stone wall

The Duke-NUS Wall is constructed with the original Duke Stone, all the way from Durham, North Carolina, and is situated at the entrance of our campus.
Photo by: Kenneth Goh

A Collaboration Cast in Stone
Reproduced from The Official Opening Brochure . Written by Wee Lai Meng, Duke-NUS Senior Communications Manager.

For a young school, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical is stepped in rich history. A distinctive stone wall marks the entrance to the Duke-NUS campus along College Road. The uniquely colored stone, a gift from Duke University, was quarried from the hills of Hillsborough in North Carolina and made its journey out of the USA to Singapore. Called “bluestone” by quarrymen, the stone has seven primary colors and seventeen different shades of color. Of volcanic origin, it is believed to be at least 400 million years old.