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The Duke and Duke-NUS community are especially proud to announce that Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, has recently received the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! He is sharing the nobel prize with Brian K. Kobilka, who is from Stanford University School of Medicine.

We, at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, would like to congratulate Dr. Lefkowitz for this award and also, for his work on studies of G-Protein-coupled receptors. He has spent 39 years doing research at the Duke University Medical Center. You can read more about Dr. Lefkowitz and his achievement at DukeToday and

Meanwhile, two of our Duke-NUS students, Tim Yen and Clarissa Tio from the Class of 2014, had the opportunity to meet Dr. Lefkowitz in person at the celebratory banquet at Duke University!

Picture Source: Dukehealth and Tim Yen