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A confident-looking young man in his medical scrubs stares confidently into the mirror, proud to be starting his medical career. Sauntering into the hospital, a busy nurse stops him and starts giving him orders. His blank stare was followed by this famous monologue...

“Four years of pre-med, four years of med school,
and tons of unpaid loans
have made me realize...I don't know jack.”

This iconic opening scene from the popular television comedy series, “Scrubs” is hilarious but accurately sums up the emotions of a first-year medical intern.

My first day was a nightmare. I was the Solo House Officer1 attached to a busy surgical team with 30 patients, a much higher ratio than normal. A Solo House Officer is a tragically ironic name since “solo” conveys that you are independent and in control, however the reality is overwhelmingly the opposite. You are saddled with so many responsibilities and work that your primary function of stepping out of the hospital is to nap and shower so that you don’t spread head lice to your colleagues. Looking back, it’s a miracle I survived those days.