Admissions Blog

Hello, I am Benjamin Farah, currently in my 3rd year of my PhD at Duke-NUS, under Dr. Paul Yen in the CVMD program. With my PQE (PhD qualifying exam) behind me, I've moved further on into my thesis research, as well as working on writing up some of my earlier projects for publication.

My PhD here at Duke-NUS has been a wonderful program so far. Although I had been out of a lab for a while when I started, it felt good to get back in the swing of research, and work on solving some interesting problems. My clinical year (2nd year of MD) taught me many things, but one thing that stood out is how there is still much unknown about many diseases, and how there is still much that needs to be done to improve treatment. I only hope that during my thesis research I can advance our knowledge, and be a (small) part of a huge effort to improve patients' lives.