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Our final Student Bio video features Sharon Poh from the Class of 2013.

Sharon shares with us her inspiration to pursue medicine as a career, how her previous work experience as a dentist has added value to her as a medical student at Duke-NUS and the importance of the practice course.

Watch her video here:

Our Student Bio video of the day featuring Ho Shu Fang from the Class of 2016!

Shu Fang shares her story on why she decided to pursue medicine even though she came from an entirely different background: business.

Watch the video here:

Next up in our Student Bio series... Meet Chong Xiao Yun from the Class of 2016!

Xiao Yun talks about why she decided to make a switch from Bioengineering to Medicine, how she has benefited from the TeamLEAD curriculum and her advice to prospective students of Duke-NUS:

Here is our featured Student Bio video of the day:

Meet Terence Tay from the Class of 2016. Terence talks about why he wanted to switch from Pharmacy to Medicine, his inspiration behind this and the support he receives from the Residential College and his team mates.

Our fifth Student Bio video features Owen Png from the Class of 2016.

Owen talks about life as a current first year medical student, his experience during the White Coat Ceremony and why he decided to choose Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

Watch his Student Bio video here:

Today, we are featuring Marissa Leow from the Class of 2016! Marissa talks about the support she gets from the College system, why she decided to pursue her MD at Duke-NUS and her thoughts on what makes Duke-NUS unique.

Watch the full video below:

Our fourth Student Bio video features Wong Kok Loon from the Class of 2016.

Kok Loon shares how his previous work experience has added value to him as a medical student, his experience at Duke-NUS thus far and his reason for deciding to pursue an MD. Click on the video below to find out more.

Our third Student Bio video for this week features Koh Yiwen from the Class of 2016.

Watch this video as Yiwen shares on why she decided to make a switch from her nursing career to pursue a career in medicine. Yiwen also describes the reason why she chose to pursue a medical degree at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and her experience during Applicant Day.

If you're a fan of our Duke-NUS Facebook page, you may have seen a photograph of our 1st year students at a video shoot on your Facebook newsfeed. They were filming for our second season of the Student Bios Series, where we had some of our current students talk and share about their experiences at Duke-NUS. To watch the first season, please click here

Here's our first Student Bio video, featuring Kenneth Chin from the Class of 2016. Prior to coming to Duke-NUS, Kenneth pursued a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Watch the video below as Kenneth shares with us his inspiration to pursue medicine as a career, what the 1st Year Foundations Course is like and his advice to prospective students at Duke-NUS.