Admissions Blog

As part of our "4 Years at Duke-NUS" series, we have invited a group of students to share their respective reflections as the curriculum year comes to an end and they move into the next academic year. Our second contributor is Shu Fang, a current MS2 student. Read on as she shares her experience in the second year of medical school.

Today (15-Aug-2014) marks the end of our 48-week clerkship in Year 2.

We will run our last final lap next week before we can duly call ourselves MS3 instead of “old MS2” - that is, after finishing CPX2, CBSE and CCSE!

However, let’s not think about those upcoming exams for now. It is a good opportunity for me to take a hiatus and reflect back on the ups and downs for the past 1 year and for you to have a glimpse of the life of a 2nd year medical student in Duke-NUS!

Although I am not quite sure why I was invited to write this blog, I hope I can accurately reflect what my classmates and I had gone through for the last 1 year.