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As part of our "4 Years at Duke-NUS" series, we have invited a group of students to share their respective reflections as the curriculum year comes to an end and they move into the next academic year. Our fourth contributor is  Dr Joshua Chua (Class of 2014). Read on as he shares his experience in the fouth year of medical school.

Advice for the Fourth Year

So now you’re in your final year; you’re striding into wards with confidence exuding, casually waving at professors and hitting questions out of the park like a boss… well at least some of your classmates seem like they are..

Fourth year of medical school can be quite an exciting and positive year, on one hand, there is quite a bit of stress over residency applications, on the other hand, its the part of your medical school education where you get to be more relaxed and have more control over your time.

While it might seem that the amount of available time is relatively abundant, it would be good to prioritize on a few things

Invest in your career