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Duke-NUS MD appeal process and conditions

MD and MD-PhD applicants who were shortlisted for interviews but not offered admission are welcome to submit an appeal. Most appeal decisions will be made within a month of receipt, and applicants will be notified of the outcome through email. While all decisions on appeals are final, this will not carry any bias against future applications made to Duke-NUS.


• Applicants not invited for interviews are not eligible to appeal.
• Applicants intending to appeal are encouraged to first seek input from the Admissions Office to assess if reasonable grounds for appeal exist.
• Any applicant intending to appeal must send a letter of appeal by email to the Admissions Office (, provided the letter:

• Clearly states the reasons for appeal and provides new information that was not present in the initial application (examples may include an updated MCAT score or a new transcript. MCAT test scores earned in the April time frame or later will not be considered. Additional letters of recommendation are usually not helpful.)
• Contains a maximum of 1000 word count.
• Is received within three weeks from the time the Duke-NUS decision letter was sent.
• Is received no later than 1st June of the matriculating year.
• Is submitted directly by the candidate (third-party appeals e.g. parent or guardian will NOT be considered).

The criteria above must be met in order for the appeal to be considered.