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Prehealth Experiential Programme

Prehealth Experiential Programme (PREP)

Looking for a summer pre-med programme? Thinking of applying to medical school? Want to know what it takes to be a medical student at Duke-NUS? Make an informed decision by spending a week with us in Singapore this summer.

Overview of PrEP

The Prehealth Experiential Programme (PrEP) is an intensive weeklong immersion programme designed to provide insights into graduate entry medicine, the roles of medical professionals, and the medical landscape in Singapore. The programme is held at Duke-NUS located on the Singapore General Hospital Outram campus. Facilitators and speakers hail from among the community of students, staff, faculty, and healthcare professionals from Duke-NUS Medical School and Singapore Health Services.

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What can Participants Learn

The learning objectives of PrEP are for all participants to successfully:

• Communicate core competencies needed for medical students and ultimately, a medical career: communication and social skills, teamwork, capacity to improve, reliability, resilience, ethical responsibility, service orientation and motivation for medicine
• Recognize the key components of reflective practice
• Communicate the scope and significance of medical professionalism
• Recognize the importance of different healthcare professions and inter-professional collaborations in providing safe and holistic patient-centered care
• Describe salient points and critical issues such as patient-centred care, public health, advocacy, related to the healthcare system in Singapore
• Identify and critically reflect on a healthcare-related topic such as psychosocial aspects of patient-centred care, chronic care, transitions or coordination of care, safety in healthcare, professionalism, ethics, system errors, multidisciplinary care, or advocacy for quality patient care

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What can Participants Expect

Programme participants will meet the learning objectives by experiencing a series of interactive workshops, simulation sessions, seminars, and panel discussions, among others. Highlighted below is a sampling of sessions:

Medical Professionalism
Medicine is beyond the application of science. Through case studies and reflective exercises, you can learn about the components of professionalism and their impact on the practice of medicine.

Communication skills
Effective communication skills are critical to healthcare practice. Through practical sessions, you will gain insight into the do's and don'ts of communication skills.

Community-based learning
Learning will not only take place in the classroom, but by interacting with patients and health care professionals in action.

Clinical skills
Curious about what your doctor is listening to with a stethoscope? Through simulation exercises, our MD students will introduce you to the basics of auscultation; a fundamental component of physical examination.

Signature Research Programmes
Learn about the latest discoveries in research areas relevant to Singapore and the world through discussions with Duke-NUS PhD candidates shedding light on the impact of their research.

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How to Apply

Dates: PrEP 2019 will run from 1 July 2019 to 6 July 2019. Participants should expect classes to start at 8.30am and end at 7.30pm.

Fees: The fee for the programme is S$449.40, inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (7%). Accommodation and meals are not provided.

Application: The programme is open to intellectually curious individuals, regardless of nationality, who will join and enrich the programme by showing curiosity, participating actively, and building new relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. As the programme is developed for those interested in graduate entry medicine, participants are expected to have at a minimum completed one year of university studies at the time of joining PrEP.


  • Complete at least 1 year of a bachelor’s degree programme by the time of PrEP start
  • Complete the online application
  • Please provide scanned/soft copy of your undergraduate grades obtained to date by emailing
Application for PrEP 2019 is open till 4th April 2019. To apply, please follow the instructions on 

Duke-NUS online application system

Participants who successfully fulfill the programme goals and objectives are presented with a certificate of participation.

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For enquiries on PrEP, please send your email to