Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO)

If medicine is a career that you would like to pursue, the Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO) is a good starting point to gain insights into the profession. Under DACO, you will be paired with a practising doctor, who is a Duke-NUS alumnus, for a 2-day taster of what their work entails. The observership will be carried out in June and December each year.

duke-nus alumni clinical observership shadowing



As places are limited, Duke-NUS will only accept applicants who:

- are enrolled in 2nd year or above in an undergraduate degree programme OR have graduated with a bachelor’s degree,
- are in good academic standing, and
- have been involved in community or social work.

Application Process

The observership will be offered twice each year, in June and December. Those interested should apply by April and October respectively.

To apply, you will need to submit an online application and supporting documents (university transcript) within the following application windows.

For observerships in 5-16 June 2017: Applications are open, and will close on 7 April 2017. APPLY HERE

Successful applicants for observerships in June 2017 will be notified by 28 April 2017. If successful, you will be assigned to an available Duke-NUS alumni mentor for the observership. Mentors come from various specialties and hospitals; once assigned a mentor, you may not request for any changes.

For observerships in 18-29 December 2017: Applications will open on 13 September 2017.

Things to Note

1. The 2-day observership will take place on any 2 consecutive days within the period stated, depending on doctors’ availability.

2. Depending on the hospital/institute assigned for the observership, additional requirements, such as administrative fees, health screenings, vaccinations and more, may be stipulated.

3. Observers are responsible for obtaining any necessary vaccination required by the hospital before the observership takes place, e.g. those matched to doctors at KKH will require the following: 

a. Chickenpox: Applicants must have-
i. Varicella IgG positive OR
ii. Completed 2 doses of chickenpox vaccine OR
iii. Doctor-diagnosed chickenpox infection in the past

b. Rubella/MMR: Applicants must have-
i. Rubella IgG positive OR
ii. Completed 2 doses of MMR

c. Applicants with pediatric/ neonatal patients contact must have:
i. 1 dose of Boostrix/Tdap vaccine as an adult

4. Observers must be medically fit during the observership period.

For enquiries, email admissions@duke-nus.edu.sg.