Student Videos

Admissions Video 2018 - "I'M A SURGEON BY TRAINING AND INNOVATOR AT HEART" An interview with Dr Rena Dharmawan, Senior Resident, General Surgery; MD Class of 2011.



Admissions Video 2018 - "I HAVE A GLOBAL APPROACH TO MY PASSIONS" An interview with Gabriel Figueroa Torres, MD Class of 2021.


Admissions Video 2018 - "I HAVE MANY YEARS AHEAD OF ME AS A DOCTOR WHAT'S ANOTHER FOUR YEARS" An interview with Candy Tan, MD Class of 2021.



Inspiring Hope, Impacting Lives


Being a doctor is more than treating a disease, it’s about looking after a person’s wellbeing, embodying compassion and inspiring hope. Muhamad Zulhakim, MD Class of 2018, shares how he took the leap into medicine after completing his undergraduate studies in Pharmacy. Find out why he decided to pursue an MD, and what treating a patient means to him.

Fostering Teamwork, Forging Leaders

Medicine is a team effort – healthcare professionals draw on each other's unique skills and collaborate to achieve best patient outcomes. Edlyn Tan, MD Class of 2018, shares her thoughts and experiences as a medical student. Find out what she's learnt, and how she feels about teamwork in healthcare.

Pushing Boundaries, Pioneering Discoveries

Working closely with leading researchers from our 5 Signature Research Programmes, our PhD students push the boundaries of science to pioneer discoveries that can impact patients' lives. Sarah Fung, PhD student, shares her experience at Duke-NUS.

More Student Bios

Did you know that our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering, Business and Dentistry? Click on each picture below to see what our students have to say about life as a current Duke-NUS student, why they decided to pursue medicine and their advice to prospective applicants.

Kenneth Chin Koh Yiwen Lau Hiu Yeung Terence Tay Ho Shu Fang Owen Png Ziyun Chong Xiao Yun

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Alumni Videos

Duke-NUS Alumni talk about the residency program, how the residency experience has been different from life as a Duke-NUS medical student and how Duke-NUS has prepared them for coping with the rigors of doing residency in Singapore. Click on the images below to watch the videos.

Dr Bianca Chan Dr Kaavya Narasimhalu Dr Chia Ghim Song

To view more alumni videos, visit the Duke-NUS Youtube channel.