Rita Sim

Rita Sim Siew Choo

Research Associate
Health Services & Systems Research
Rita Sim Siew Choo, is a Research Associate at the Health Services and Systems Research Programme of Duke-NUS Medical School.  Rita manages three MOH funded studies titled “A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve the Uptake of and Adherence to Outpatient Rehabilitation Services among Stroke Patients” (STROKE), “Defining and Evaluating Norms for Health and Social Services Use for Population Health Segments” (HASS) and “Assessing the Impact of Enhanced Primary Services for People with Chronic Conditions in Singapore”.  She also supports A/Prof Angelique Chan of CARE to manage a NIC funded study titled “Steps to Avoid Falls in the Elderly: Translating Research into Practice” (SAFE TRIP) and “A Prospective Evaluation of Care Close to Home (C2H): A social care service for older adults in Singapore”.  As a project manager, she is responsible for the overall operational activities of a study from conception to its final completion.  Her research interest is in elderly rehabilitation and gerontology.  She was a trained Registered Nurse and holds a BSc degree in Finance from Indiana University, USA.