Siti Hazirah Binte Mohamad

Research Associate (Senior)


Contact: 66017342

Hazirah Mohamad joined the CARE team as a research associate in 2021. She specializes in working with caregivers and health care professionals on issues including decision-making for those with life-limiting illnesses and near the end-of-life, access to health systems and services and the ageing trajectory in Singapore. She has designed, conducted and published studies on topics which range from the ethics of tube-feeding, complex decision-making for caregivers of persons with life-limiting illnesses and social inequity in the provision of services for older persons. Hazirah has also embarked on a national evaluation of the advance care planning service in Singapore. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Malay Studies department at the National University of Singapore, where she delved into issues concerning differential access to justice. Hazirah is also deeply passionate about and committed to improving the quality of life and care for persons with life-limiting illnesses and  their caregivers, and also older adults as they advance further into their later years.