Malcolm Sujeeth Ravindran

Research Assistant


Contact: 66012578

Malcolm Ravindran is a trained nurse and social worker who joined CARE in 2021 as a research assistant with the qualitative team. He has previously also worked as a research assistant with the sociology department in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), covering inequality research under A/Prof Teo You Yenn.

He currently manages a project, funded as part of the Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge organised by the US National Academy of Medicine (NAM), that seeks to elicit participant-led narratives of loneliness and its subjective understanding amongst older adults in Singapore. Additionally, he has also contributed to the conduct of evaluation studies spanning a national-level screening programme (Project Silver Screen), evaluation of a Service Delivery Model in a Social Service Agency, and evaluation of an integrated community care model.

In his free time, Malcolm has also dedicated some time to supporting other research efforts including a relocation project in the Merpati estate where he performs interviews, and also with the Initiative for the Study of  Asian Catholics where he contributes to the understanding of Catholic symbols across Asia.

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Malcolm’s research primarily seeks to understand the subjective experience of ageing, understanding the lived experience of older adults in Singapore.

He takes a strong interest in the following topics:

  1. Religiosity and community building in older adults
  2. Access to healthcare resources
  3. Loneliness & Social Isolation
  4. Impact of culture on healthcare decisions
  5. Influence of one’s lived environment on daily life