Abhijit Visaria

Research Fellow

Abhijit is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Ageing Research and Education. He has worked on son preference, marriage and migration, and productive ageing and gender aspects of ageing in India. At CARE, Abhijit studies resilience, social networks, intergenerational transfers, and early retirement among Singaporean elderly using data from the Transitions in Health, Employment, Social engagement and Inter-Generational Transfers in Singapore Study (THE SIGNS Study)-I, and the Panel on Ageing and Transitions in Health Survey (PATHS). Abhijit received his Ph.D. and M.A in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining CARE in August 2017, Abhijit was a postdoctoral fellow at the Asia Research Institute jointly with the Centre for Family and Population Research at National University of Singapore. Abhijit’s professional background has included being a consultant with the World Bank during 2014-15 as well as working with the Social Initiatives Group, ICICI Bank, Mumbai from 2004 to 2008 on supporting state-civil society partnerships and developing resource centers on maternal and child health, and elementary education initiatives across India