John P. Ansah


John P. Ansah is a Research Assistant Professor in the signature program in Health Services and Systems Research at Duke-National University of Singapore; a Faculty Fellow at Residential College 4, National University of Singapore; and an Adjunct Faculty at Centre for Aging Research and Education, Duke-National University of Singapore. A/Professor John Ansah has a Ph.D. in Systems Science methodology of System Dynamics; and 10 years’ experience in the application of simulation modeling to complex health policy issues. A/Professor John Ansah’s research uses computational modeling—with Systems Thinking and System Dynamics methodology as the foundation—to better understand complex health systems issues to inform policy and interventions to improve health which actively involve stakeholders in shared decision making. A/Professor John Ansah’s research interest lies broadly in the area of health systems improvement—to address strategic and operational health and social care challenges, as well as, evaluation of health system-wide impacts of complex health and social care interventions. Current projects includes long-term care needs; resilience and hip fracture recovery trajectories among the elderly; patients flow in the emergency department; enhanced primary care for aging society; and human resources for health.