Nuradlina Maulod

Research Fellow

Ad Maulod is a cultural anthropologist who received her PhD from Purdue University (US). Ad’s dissertation research focuses on social inequalities, sexual and reproductive rights and alternative family networks in Singapore. Ad joined CARE as a Research Fellow in August 2016 and will spearhead its qualitative research design and projects. Ad intends to investigate how intersecting factors such as race and ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and able-bodiedness generate particular ageing outcomes and health disparities in one’s later life, to inform the development of more socially-inclusive policies catered to ageing needs in Singapore. Theoretically and while situated in a medical school, Ad is also interested in exploring the ways in which evidence-based medicine as it pertains to ageing and healthcare contributes to the construction of new norms of older adulthood as well as caregiving practices in Singapore.