Ms Dharshini Subbiah

Office of Corporate Services

Senior Media Specialist


Duke-NUS is an organisation that I believe in – which in turn allows me to feel that my work here is significant. I think this is extremely important since we spend majority of our life and energy at work. I believe that it is important to be passionate about my work in order to perform well.

I chose to apply to Duke-NUS because I was interested in communications within healthcare and research. Duke-NUS had an opening for a communications officer who could translate research findings into stories and pitches for the media.

At the time I didn’t know it, but I have come to realise that Duke-NUS has inspiring faculty and researchers who are driven by curiosity and a desire to make a difference in the wider landscape – whether that’s through translating their research into treatments, or improving the treatment of patients. Their enthusiasm about their work makes it easy for me to get excited about it as well. The Duke-NUS community is small so it feels like we are a family here. That coupled with the fact that I genuinely enjoy the work that I do makes me happy to stay.

Professor Wang Linfa

Office of Research


Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases

After more than 20 years of research into emerging zoonotic infectious diseases, working at Duke-NUS has provided me with a fresh start. I have the opportunity to work more closely with clinicians and to achieve a more direct impact on human health.

I had numerous reasons for joining Duke-NUS. Firstly, both Duke and NUS are internationally highly ranked universities. Secondly, I was particularly attracted to the concept of an American style university in Singapore, with the seamless fusion of Western and Eastern culture and philosophy. And lastly, my whole family (a fusion family with two born in Shanghai, one in California and one in Melbourne) loves Singapore (as evident from the happy and smiling faces when we had our family holiday here in 2006).

I am glad to be part of a young and upcoming university and to help build a team ready to fight future emerging infectious diseases in Singapore and the region.

Mara (right) with her team member Mary

Dr Mara McAdams

Office of Education

Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Student Life

Student Affairs Department

The students and my colleagues motivate me to stay at Duke-NUS. I admire the students for enrolling in medical school after finishing undergraduate degrees or leaving jobs, but for many of them Duke-NUS is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to be a doctor.  They are enthusiastic about their studies, their patients and their community service projects, and that desire to help others inspires me to help them.  The Education office and especially the Student Affairs staff -including Mary Ng - are hardworking and professional. They also make working here more fun and rewarding. We are able to work together as a team and share the workload during busy periods

Ms Ryna Tan

Office of Corporate Services

Associate Director

Human Resources Department

I have worked in Duke-NUS since July 2008. The journey from the old colonial campus at Jalan Bukit Merah, to the current modern building at College Road has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey. As the School continues to grow, there will be even more challenges to face. However, with everyone’s strong support, I am confident we can achieve what have we set out to do as a team! What keeps me here is the camaraderie within the team, as well as the recognition given and the opportunities to grow with the School. I look forward to many more good years ahead!

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