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RNA-seq & scRNA-seq Workshop

Course Description

Tools for RNA-seq and scRNA-seq data analysis

The course is based on the use of open-source software solutions. RNA-seq, and scRNA-seq analyses will be performed using the tools available as part of the Reproducible Bioinformatics Project ( docker4seq, rCASC and their graphical interface.

Experimental design

This section of the course discusses several criteria and principles of experiment design as well as related problems. Questions such as

  1. which are the minimal requirements for a successful bulk or single cell RNA-seq experiment
  2. when a scRNA-seq is preferred to a bulk RNA-seq analysis
  3. how to structure a successful bulk/scRNA-seq experiment
will be addressed.

For more information, please download the RNA-seq & scRNA-seq Workshop flyer.
To enquire more on the course, you may contact Elisabeth or Huan Chern .

Date and Time

25 Jul 2022 @ 09:00 - 29 Jul 2022 @ 16:00