Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

The Centre brings together six research labs, cutting across disciplines and techniques to explore the neural bases of human behaviour.

Current themes explored by the centre include:

• investigating the neurobehavioral effects of sleep loss and circadian misalignment,
• functional and structural aspects of cognitive aging in healthy elderly,
• detecting and improving outcomes in neurobehavioral disorders,
• understanding perception and consciousness, and
• understanding why attention and levels of cognitive performance fluctuate over time. 

Participating Research Labs

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab - Principal Investigator & Center Director, Dr Michael Chee
Chronobiology and Sleep Laboratory - Principal Investigator Dr Joshua Gooley
Multimodal Neuroimaging in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Laboratory - Principal Investigator Dr Juan (Helen) Zhou
Brain & Consciousness Lab - Principal Investigator Dr Brown Hsieh
Neuroergonomics and Cognition Lab - Principal Investigator Dr Julian Lim
Sleep and Health Laboratory- Principal Investigator Dr June Lo

For more information about the research labs, see the dedicated webpage.

Centre facilities

Centre members have access to a research-dedicated Siemens 3T MAGNETOM Prisma fit, high density electroencephalography (EEG), EEG-fMRI equipment, and eye-tracking devices. The imaging group has direct access to a computing cluster comprising 20 cores and close to 40TB of shared disc space. We have shared access to the Duke-NUS computing cluster comprising 230 cores.

The scanner can be accessed by external users. For details, please visit the facilities website.