Khoo Pilot Award (Collaborative) 2021

As part of CCSD’s efforts to periodically refresh our suite of programmes to keep them relevant to the needs of clinician-researchers, the Khoo Pilot Award (Collaborative) will cease, with no further grant calls.
For alternative grants, please check the SingHealth Grant Calendar or contact us to discuss.

The Khoo Pilot Award (Collaborative) grant awards funding for collaborations among budding and early stage clinician-scientists. The funding aims to strengthen the collaboration between two junior Principal Investigators (PIs) from different Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs)/Research Institutes in SingHealth or Signature Research Programmes/Research Centres in Duke-NUS.

The Khoo Pilot Award (Collaborative) grant encourages clinician-scientists to either collaborate among themselves or with their PhD-trained scientist counterparts to generate translational or clinical research that has potential for bench-to-bedside or bedside-to-bench applications. The fund is intended to help the PIs develop a research project for publication and/or to prepare for a joint large competitive grant.

Eligibility criteria:

a) Applicants must be two PIs from different ACPs/Research Institutes in SingHealth or Signature Research Programmes/Research Centres in Duke-NUS. Each applicant may only submit one application.

b) At least one of the PIs must be performing clinical duties as a clinician or allied health professional.

c) PIs must either be clinically qualified (i.e. with MD/MBBS/BDS/PharmD) or have PhD qualification.

d) PIs must be keen to pursue research as part of their career, as evidenced by:
(i) at least 1 publication of original research as first author, AND
(ii) having completed or currently undergoing research training in a PhD or Masters programme, or in relevant local or overseas universities, research institutes, centres, etc., such as during a research fellowship, HMDP, Nurturing Clinician-Scientist Scheme, Khoo Scholars Programme or during CS-year for CS-residency programme.

e) PIs must not have been PI on an NMRC CSA, CS-IRG or OF-IRG, MOE-Tier 2 grant or an NRF grant, or have been PI on any grant with grant value exceeding S$375,000 in a single grant. PIs with NMRC CS-IRG-NIG, Open Fund-YIRG, Transition Award and other institutional grants with grant value not exceeding S$375,000 are eligible to apply.

f) PIs must hold a Duke-NUS academic appointment (regular or adjunct) at time of application, or must at least have an academic appointment in process by the close of the grant call, with all required documents submitted to Duke-NUS.

g) Applicants who have held a Khoo Award (e.g. a previous Khoo Pilot Award) must have completed the project funded by the Khoo Award before applying for the Khoo Pilot Award (Collaborative). Awardees will not be allowed to apply for the same award again.

Interested investigators who are unsure whether they meet the eligibility criteria should contact Angie Tan at or 6601 7234 to verify this before submitting their application. 

Funding Quantum and Guidelines:

Successful applicants will be awarded up to S$60,000 for a period of 2 years, to be shared between the two PIs.

Funding guidelines:

Expenditure on Manpower

Justification for the FTE provided for each staff and/or key person must be provided. Salary support for investigators is not permitted.

Other operating expenditure

All expenses entailed in conducting and executing the proposed project may be included. This category covers other expenses directly related to the project such as the purchase of animals, consumables, laboratory manuals, literature search, and maintenance of equipment, equipment usage charges, sample storage/retrieval cost etc. Up to S$5,000 per year can be budgeted for travel support for the PIs or research personnel who are working on the project.


A description of the equipment required for the project must be provided. Justification must be provided for purchase such as proposed application and extent of anticipated use. Budgeting of any single equipment purchase in excess of S$5,000 (inclusive of GST) requires prior approval from Duke-NUS.

Submission and Review Process:

Click here to download the application form. Interested investigators should submit their completed applications by 15 September 2021 12nn in Word or PDF format by email to: 

After submission of applications, shortlisted applicants may be invited to submit further information. The awards will be selected by a multidisciplinary research panel. Awardees must present their winning projects at a Grant Award Ceremony.

For enquiries, please contact:

Angie Tan
6601 7234