Prepare For Achieving Clarity of Expression (PREFACE):
Crystalizing Research Questions and Specific Aims for New Investigators

Provide intensive one-to-one coaching to assist junior clinician investigators working on their first independent NMRC grants, focusing on formulating research questions precisely, communicating effectively and writing project summary (specific aims pages).

At the stage of planning the Specific Aims pages, participants will work with the Anchor Mentor to: 

  • Discuss research questions/ideas in alignment with NMRC funding aims & objectives
  • Improve accuracy and clarity in description of research aims and hypotheses
  • Write and refine the Specific Aims pages, for mentees to discuss with their supervisors

The program focuses mainly on development of research hypotheses and specific aims page. Based on the specific aims page, mentees should work with their research mentor/supervisor to develop the proposal. 

Target Participants

First-time or junior research investigator grant applicants working on the following grant funding:

  • NMRC New Investigator Grant (CS-IRG-NIG)
  • NMRC Health Services Research New Investigator Grant (HSRG-NIG)
  • NMRC Research Training Fellowship
  • SingHealth/Duke-NUS ACP Nurturing Clinician Scientists Scheme (NCSS) or other SingHealth Institutions’ grant for translational or clinical research projects *This is only for SingHealth clinicians who have done ‘Individual Development Plan’ consultation with CCSD.

Participants should meet the following requirements:

  • Primarily employed as a staff of SingHealth/Duke-NUS institutions
  • Clinically qualified (i.e. with MD/MBBS/BDS) and preferably have completed formal research training (MCI/MPH/PhD)
  • Must have first authored paper in the recent 3 years
  • For NMRC grant applicants - Must fulfill all the eligibility criteria required by NMRC for whichever grant applicable

NOTE for interested participants (applicable for both ACE & PREFACE):
  • Please contact CCSD at least 4 to 6 months prior to the grant internal submission date by providing (i) your project title, preferably append with a short abstract, (ii) latest CV and (iii) intended grant applying, (iv) mentor’s name & institution at least 4 to 6 months prior to the grant internal submission date
  • Ensure that you fulfil all the NMRC grant criteria (in case you are unsure, please email your CV directly to the relevant NMRC officer to clarify.)