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About the Programme

Should you be a well-established clinician, or at the beginning of your clinical research career planning to write your first research proposal or a long-standing clinician scientist, being competent in the principles of clinical research will be of great importance to you.

The Clinical Research Certificate Programme offers the opportunity to become competent in understanding the medical literature, in initiating clinical research and proficient in conducting clinical research. This program is geared toward healthcare professionals, and students in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, nutrient & dietetics, physical therapy, occupational therapy and any other related fields. The certificate program contains three different segments (Course 1 to 3) from a basic overview of most common methods used in clinical research to more advanced concepts of clinical research design and methods.


How to proceed through the certificate programme?

The Programme is centered around Voice-Annotated Presentations (VAP) that provide the material. These are online presentations that you can view at your own pace anytime, anywhere. The whole certificate program consists of three courses with assessments throughout the different courses to assess the learning process of the participants. Each course is structured into topic groups with VAPs and suggested reading materials, Multiple choice questions after each topic will gauge the acquired understanding of the material. After completion of each course the participant will earn a certificate.

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