Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulation...


    25 April 2018
    03:15pm - 05:30pm


    Amphitheatre , Level 2, Duke-NUS Medical School

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Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulation Open House

Why is this Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulation important to your career?

Invitation to the Graduate Certificate Programme Open House and Networking Session

We are pleased to welcome you to the launch of the Duke-NUS Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE) Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulation. This dedicated regulatory training programme caters to the learning needs of regulatory professionals in national regulatory authorities and industry, researchers, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders interested to gain a deeper understanding of regulatory science, both in terms of international best practice and specific relevance to South-East Asia and Asia-Pacific.

To find out more, join us at the open house.

Meet our team who will share with you more about our programme:

Date: 25 April 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 3.15pm to 5.30pm

Venue: Amphitheatre, Level 2 Duke-NUS Medical School

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Broaden your Worldview Through our Education Philosophy
The Graduate Certificate programme aims to encourage continuous learning, equipping working professionals like yourself with updates in scientific and regulatory knowledge and critical skills through application-based learning. The skillsets gained through this programme will help you assume diverse roles requiring regulatory science expertise within the public and private sectors.



About Duke-NUS Medical School

Duke-NUS is Singapore’s first and only US-style graduate medical school; a partnership between Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Upon successful completion of this programme, students will graduate with a certificate from the Duke-NUS Medical school and will be an alumnus of NUS.

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