CoRE engages stakeholders through a variety of means in order to meet its themes of enabling, convergence, and thought leadership.

Regulatory Networks

Advisory roundtables and focus groups are two key platforms that CoRE uses to promote open dialogue around regulatory science. To access the reports published as a result of regulatory network events, please visit our Reports page. CoRE also frequently engages with national regulatory agencies, academic institutions, industry, and other like-minded organisations in Asia. 

Seminars, Symposiums and Conferences

CoRE hosts seminars, symposiums and conferences to provide educational and networking opportunities for regulatory professionals. Please visit our events page for more information.

Executive Programmes

CoRE Executive Programmes are aimed at mid to senior level regulatory professionals. Programmes range from one-day workshops to more longitudinal courses. Peer learning is a key principle of all CoRE programs, and all programmes employ the TeamLEAD methodology developed by Duke-NUS and now used across a number of faculties in Duke University.  Visit our education tab for upcoming Programmes.


Working within Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore, CoRE is poised for support and opportunities for regional and global collaboration, as well as through the Duke-NUS infrastructure for e-learning platforms and training. With Duke-NUS as a key player in Singapore’s biomedical community, and with links back to Duke University’s Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), CoRE is able to call upon long-standing partnerships, global expertise and world-class educational and training programs.