The Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE) was established in 2014 at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore to support strengthening of health product regulatory systems in the Asia Pacific region, with a special focus on South-East Asia. Guided by its mission, CoRE contributes to improving patient access to health products, and enhancing regional health systems and health security.  The Centre is gaining increasing recognition as a neutral, academic convener of dialogues, seminars and round tables involving international thought leaders in health regulation and healthcare systems.


The centre offers a unique multi-pronged approach through key strategic approaches of administering education and training, conducting consultancy, and encouraging a think tank approach with an Asian perspective. 


As a trusted partner within a wide collaborative network of international and regional regulatory authorities, industry, non-governmental organisations and academic institutions, CoRE actively coordinates and contributes to regional capacity building and systems strengthening initiatives.   




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To be a leading Centre enhancing regulatory capability and scientific excellence for health products and systems in Asia.


To establish regional platforms and networks to grow competencies, enhance collaboration and promote thought leadership in innovative regulatory science and health policy.





  “We are now looking beyond the immediate value-chain activities…CoRE was set up to promote regulatory leadership and policy innovation in regulatory science. The centre will bring together industry players and regulators…to support Asia's rapidly-growing healthcare sector.”


Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam
11 March 2015
Groundbreaking of GSK Asian HQ Building 




“…it is very important to strengthen regulatory capacity and consider more efficient approaches…CoRE will play a significant role in promoting regulatory leadership and policy innovation in regulatory science…to ensure that patients in our countries and health systems have timely access to good, safe and effective medicines and medical devices.


 Singapore Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong
5 October 2015
CoRE Inaugural Scientific Conference