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Why Support CoRE


CoRE bridges industry and regulatory bodies by creating a neutral academic platform. This is essential to the development of regulatory science in the region — and have far-reaching consequences for healthcare innovation in the Asia-Pacific. In addition to delivering healthcare products in a more timely and safe manner to Asian populations, regulatory science enables public bodies and other institutions to forge partnerships and create sophisticated and innovative frameworks that serve the needs of the region.

Our current financial resources represent a small fraction of what needs to be done to address and overcome regulatory challenges. We look forward to working in partnership with governments, the private sector, and other donors and organisations to achieve the greatest possible impact. We seek like-minded organisations who share our purpose and vision: to enable successful transformation in the regulatory space and to make a real, positive impact on populations in the Asia-Pacific region.

As a partner of CoRE, you will receive access to an ecosystem of mutual support, best-in-class resources and valuable expertise, enabling you to tap into a varied, global resource of regulatory excellence. This will converge into a beneficial relationship that encourages research excellence, and a platform for substantial contribution in knowledge and ideas to the industry.