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Assistant Professor
The Cell Modelling Lab
Program in Cancer & Stem Cell Biology
Centre for Computational Biology
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+65 6516 7654
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Lab Overview

We build computational models that are tailored to specific biological questions, and we carry out experimental tests of model-based predictions, in collaboration with experimental and clinical collaborators.

Biological Questions

  • Cell behaviors during injury response & oxidative stress.
  • Extracellular signalling and post-translational signalling.
  • The organization of spatially-specific and temporally-specific signals during injury response.

Computational Methods

  • Quantifying the trends and slopes for temporal and spatiotemporal effects.
  • Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) describing temporal effects, computed repeatedly over space.
  • Bayesian network models and probabilistic networks, for poorly-understood chains of causal influence.
  • Quantifying relationships between cell morphology and biological function, (collab with bioimaging).
  • Custom built models (ball and stick, spring and dashpot, or autonomous agents following rules).