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Ann-Marie Chacko

Assistant Professor


Contact: 66011671


In early 2015, Prof Ann-Marie Chacko established the Duke-NUS Laboratory for Translational and Molecular Imaging (LTMI) to combine molecular imaging efforts with drug discovery and early drug development. Concurrently, LTMI also serves as a core facility for Duke-NUS researchers, and as a hub for imaging research and technology developments in PET, SPECT, CT and optical imaging, accessible to the public and industry sectors across Singapore and internationally.


By combining unique expertise in probe design, radio-pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and in vivo imaging, LTMI is focused on developing and translating novel and quantitative imaging agents to interrogate biomarkers and immune signatures in cancer and infectious disease to lead precision medicine initiatives, including:


  1. Platform technologies for imaging cancer immuno-oncology (CITI Programme);
  2. Development of imaging biomarkers for infectious disease (DENV, ZIKV, etc.) as surrogate clinical endpoints in disease management and therapy monitoring;
  3. Development of “imageable” oncolytic virotherapy for brain cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.


Prof Chacko currently leads a national initiative, the Cancer ImmunoTherapy Imaging (CITI) Programme, which in late 2018 received a S$22M Singapore Health and Biomedical Sciences (HBMS) Industry Alignment Fund Pre-Positioning (IAF-PP) grant. This initiative aims to address the urgent call for biomarker-driven approaches to monitor tumour immune responses, leveraging on the expertise of its strong multidisciplinary team across 12 research organisations in Singapore and four research themes: Immunology, Chemistry, Imaging, and Clinical Trials.


Prof Chacko is also committed to educating a new generation of scientists, through outreach, teaching, and mentorship. To address some of the unique challenges faced by women scientists, Prof Chacko leads the SingHealth Duke-NUS Women in Science (WinS) network to support the career development of female research scientists across all professional and training levels. Her flag-ship effort is the Career Advancement Programme (WinS-CAP) for early career scientists, providing in-depth training workshops, and faculty-peer mentor sessions.

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    Media Highlights: EurekaAlert, ScienceDaily, Infectious Disease Hub, BioSpectrumAsia

    Drug Delivery and Imaging, etc.

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