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Tan Boon Ooi, Patrick


Senior Vice-Dean (designate), Office of Research


Contact: 65161783

Prof. Patrick Tan is a Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore and Executive Director of the Genome Institute of Singapore. He is also Senior Principal Investigator at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, Executive Director of PRECISE (Precision Health Research Singapore) coordinating Singapore’s National Precision Medicine program, and Professor (adjunct) at Duke University, USA. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was Program Director of Operation Stronghold establishing one of Singapore’s largest COVID-19 testing facilities. He received his B.A. (summa cum laude) from Harvard University and MD PhD degree from Stanford University, where he received the Charles Yanofsky prize for Most Outstanding Graduate Thesis in Physics, Biology or Chemistry. Other awards include the President’s Scholarship, Loke Cheng Kim scholarship, Young Scientist Award (A-STAR), Singapore Youth Award (twice), Chen New Investigator Award (Human Genome Organization), President’s Science Award, Japanese Cancer Association International Award and Public Administration Medal (Silver). In 2018, he received the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Team Science Award as Team Leader. He is an elected member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), the Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC), a Board Member of the International Gastric Cancer Association, Board of Reviewing Editors for Science and Cancer Discovery, and on advisory committees for Venture Corporation and Riyadh Biotech City (Saudi Arabia).
Genomic and Epigenomic Heterogeneity of Stomach Cancer :
Our research focuses on (epi)genomic strategies to unlock the molecular and clinical diversity of gastric cancer (aka stomach cancer) and other Asian-endemic cancers. Understanding how individual gastric tumors vary in their molecular aberrations may allow us to refine therapies for different subgroups of patients displaying distinct patterns of disease aggressiveness and treatment response. Our group has made significant contributions to the gastric cancer field, including one of the earliest transcriptional profiling studies of GC (Tay et al, 2003) which led to an international industry-sponsored multi-centre clinical trial (Tan et al., 2011).  We have identified recurrent fusion genes in GC (Palanisamy et al., 2010 in collaboration with Arul Chinnaiyan; Tao et al., 2011), new tumor suppressor genes (Zang et al., 2012), somatic copy number alterations (Deng et al., 2012) and epigenetic alterations in GC (Zouridis et al., 2012; Qamra et al., 2017). Our group is a member of the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium, which is also working on strategies for early detection of gastric cancer (Huang et al., 2018).

In collaboration with Prof Teh Bin Tean and A/Prof Steve Rozen, we have also extended our work to other Asian-endemic cancers such as biliary tract cancers (Ong et al., 2012; Chan-on et al., 2013; Jusukul et al., 2017), breast tumors (Lim et al., 2014; Tan et al., 2015) and urogenital malignancies (Poon et al., 2013; Yao et al., 2017), as well as selected flora and fauna in South East Asia (Teh et al., 2017).

Selected Publications: (from >300 publications, Google Scholar H-index: 97; Citations : >30,000)
A complete list of our published work is available online at Google Scholar

Regulatory enhancer profiling of mesenchymal-type gastric cancer reveals subtype-specific epigenomic landscapes and targetable vulnerabilities
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