Owen John Llewellyn Rackham

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Contact: 66015981

Dr Rackham is an expert in the development of computational approaches for cell reprogramming and disease-gene association. His group works on ways to identify key regulators that can control cell fate in order to find novel routes for cell conversion, as well as identifying drug targets to develop new cell therapies and pharmacological treatments for human disease. He has extensive expertise in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data, biological network analysis and statistics. He completed his PhD in complexity sciences in 2012, after which he became an MRC career development fellow at Imperial College London. In 2015 he moved to Duke-NUS Medical School as a senior research fellow and subsequently started his own group in 2016 focusing on data-driven tools for cell reprogramming and disease.

Dr Rackham has published 37 papers, has been cited over 3500 times and has an h-index of 19. His work has been the focus of patent applications, and he has founded a spin-out company Mogrify, which operates in both Australia and the UK. He is also an active member of several international consortium including the FANTOM consortium and the Human Cell Atlas.

My group is interested in what defines human cells and how their phenotype emerges from the complex interplay between the genome, transcriptome and environment. We develop methods that leverage the large volume of gene expression, epigenetic and interaction data that is being generated to develop biological hypotheses about how certain perturbations can influence the fate a cell. Our goal is to allow for the systematic identification of determinants of cell fate that can be used to further our understanding of cell biology, but also to develop new cell and gene therapies.

Publications in the last 5 years:
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Patents held (related or unrelated to the study) Cell Reprogramming – Application number: 2015905349. (Application filed in Australia)