Sujoy Ghosh

Associate Professor


Contact: 66013391


1992 Biochemistry Univ. of Notre Dame, IN, USA PhD 
1987 Chemistry Calcutta University, INDIA BSc


1993-1995 Duke University, USA Postdoctoral Fellow 
1995-1998 GlaxoSmithKline, USA Postdoctoral Fellow 
1998-2008 GlaxoSmithKline, USA Research Investigator/Medical Genetics Advisor 
2009-2013 North Carolina Central Univ., USA Senior Research Investigator

Systems genomics approaches to identify and validate biological mechanisms underlying cardio-metabolic disease. The association of DNA sequence variation (single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) and gene expression with phenotypic traits represent the core of genome biology. However, the inadequacy of traditional SNP-centric analysis, or individual gene expression profiles for revealing biological mechanisms underlying susceptibility to common disorders necessitates alternative analytic approaches. We apply integrated, ensemble-based bioinformatic strategies (systems genomics) to interrogate the cumulative effects of genetic polymorphisms and gene-set expression patterns in biological mechanisms. These approaches lead to the identification of novel causal mechanisms underlying a variety of cardio-metabolic traits including obesity, type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. We follow-up on novel disease-related gene candidates by functional genomics analysis in cell-based and animal model systems.

Nutrigenomics studies to elucidate metabolic responses to nutrient variation. The response of the transcriptome to nutritional cues (e.g. excess or deficiency of nutrients, caloric restriction) allows one to infer metabolic adaptations to altered energy supply. We are broadly interested in understanding the effects of caloric restriction and dietary nutrient restriction in key metabolic tissues in humans and animal models. These studies generate important insights into tissue-specific transcriptomic responses to nutrients in the context of longevity and metabolic health.

Collaborations involving other disease areas. In addition to the above-mentioned research areas related to cardio-metabolic disease and nutrigenomics, we collaborate extensively with national and international investigators for bioinformatic analysis of first-generation ‘omics’ and next-generation sequencing data on diverse research projects in cancer, infectious disease, neurobiology and exercise physiology.

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