Wang Yibin



Contact: 66011353

Dr. Wang obtained his training in molecular genetics and cell biology from Baylor College of Medicine, and conducted post-doctoral research in neurobiology and cardiovascular diseases at The Scripps Research Institute and UC, San Diego. Since 1998, Dr. Wang’s laboratory has focused on genetic network and molecular basis of cardiovascular physiology and diseases. Dr. Wang’s lab has a long track record in discovering novel components and novel interactions in stress-signal transduction pathways in mammalian cells through biochemical, proteomic, molecular and genomic approaches. Recently, Wang lab has also employed systems-based approach in gene and pathway discovery for cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Dr. Wang’s lab has established a broad spectrum of research approaches in cardiac biology, from molecular biology, cell physiology to intact heart physiology, genomics and systems biology. Dr. Wang has been supported by NIH, DoD and other extramural grants throughout his research career and published more than 240 scientific articles. Dr. Wang served as the Chair of Cardiovascular Theme at UCLA from 2015 to 2019, a new initiative to build an integrated Cardiovascular Medicine and Research infrastructure at UCLA. D. Wang has four licensed patents and is a scientific founder of a biotech start-up. In addition to being the PI of an 12 people research team, Dr. Wang is also actively engaged in teaching and education, served as the Education Director for UCLA Cardiovascular Research Laboratories and vice Chair of UCLA Molecular, Cellular and Integrated Physiology Ph.D. program. 

Wang laboratory has been focusing on understanding the intracellular signaling networks involved in stress-response in mammalian cells, and translating that knowledge into potential therapies. The research progresses are centered on three related areas of investigations: 1). Discovering novel components in stress signal transduction networks; 2). Establishing functional and molecular links among signaling pathways;  3). Translating mechanistic insights into novel therapies in disease models of heart failure and metabolic disorders. Up to now, Wang’s lab has published over 242 peer-reviewed scientific reports. The total H-index is 82 for all papers and 50 for publication since 2016 based on Google Scholar. The four most significant areas of contribution and several recent publications with significant novelty and potential impact on the field of heart failure research and basic signal transduction are listed below.   These studies illustrate the principal features of our research by taking state-of-the-art experimental tools to explore frontier areas of biology and medicine.


Recent Selected Publications: 

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