WARNING!  You are about to enter into a community of creative, questioning, opinionated thinkers with a passion for medical education.  We are not responsible for how far your mind may expand if you engage in dialogue on this blog.

Welcome to Education Musings!  The Duke-NUS Education Deans will be using this blog to post their thoughts about medical education trends and challenges, and to provide thought-provoking questions for you to weigh in on.  We view this blog as a means to try out new ideas, to be inspired by the "what-ifs", and to dream up the next great ideas in medical education.  We hope to incite a riot of innovative thoughts and to push ourselves to challenge what we think is currently possible.  We will be using this blog to critique medical education research, discuss educational program initiatives (real and imagined), and to simply share things we find interesting.  But blogs are not a one-way street!  We hope to see active participation from medical students, educators and the public. This platform gives everyone the opportunity to engage. Be creative! Showcase your ideas, views and insights!  

Please join us!