Keep Calm and Hack
Scott Compton

Duke-NUS is in the process of making a significant change to the student requirements.  In short, the 9-month research period that has been the hallmark of our curriculum may now be expanded to represent a “scholarly development” experience, aligned with the revised mission statement of the school. 

Duke-NUS Mission Statement (revised, 2017):

Our mission at Duke-NUS Medical School is to recruit high quality individuals from diverse backgrounds and educate them to be outstanding clinicians capable of becoming the future leaders, educators, scholars, and scientists in healthcare to serve the needs of Singapore and beyond with compassion and excellence. 

We aim to provide students a greater opportunity to take a "deep dive" in an area that they are interested in.  We are not sure what this will look like just yet!  Perhaps students will be able to do a project focusing on the medical humanities, or in medical technology, or public health.  Perhaps they will focus on leadership or educational skills.  Who knows?  

But I'm wondering... what if we held a "hackathon" to challenge students in a particular area - like improving the healthcare of a community or population in need - and they came together in teams to identify a problem, propose a solution, provide community service, and evaluate the program?   Could we get students from nursing schools, psychology programs, and other areas to participate?   Would a hackathon be an inspiring way to engage students in multidisciplinary teams?  And how would we grade such an experience?

What do you think???