Scott Compton

I was speaking with a research-scientist the other day who teaches in our Brain & Behaviour course.  She was saying that she would like to become even more involved in the medical education program of the school.  I was delighted to hear this!  While brainstorming possibilities, I asked if she was interested in conducting educational research.  She shrugged slightly, looked away, and with her voice trailing off said, "I don't know... I've heard that the quality of educational research is... kind of... low".  I immediately had visions of my amygdala glowing blindingly-white as my "fight" instinct had me lacing up my academic boxing gloves.  Fortunately, some form of evolutionary reaction intervened on behalf of my professionalism, and I muttered something like, "Well, we won't do that kind of research".  It was as convincing of a response that I could muster at the moment.