Tuition, Fees & Fellowships

All accepted students will be provided with a stipend and fellowship to cover the full cost of tuition and fees. Singaporean students may qualify for a prestigious A*STAR Fellowship. Terms and conditions of the fellowships may vary depending on the sponsor.

For MD-PhD and PhD students completing their PhD at Duke-NUS:

1) Tuition for the PhD component will be paid for; and

2) A stipend will be provided for the duration of the PhD.

Students who choose to complete their PhD at either Duke University (USA) or NUS (Singapore) (subject to approval by Duke-NUS and separate admission process at each university) may apply for scholarships and fellowships offered by the relevant institution. MD-PhD students who successfully complete an approved PhD (subject to terms and conditions) at either Duke-NUS, Duke University (US) or NUS (Singapore) will receive a scholarship in their final MD year that is equivalent in value to their final MD year tuition fee.