Emerging Infectious Diseases

Infections contribute importantly to the overall disease burden and mortality worldwide. The Signature Research Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases integrates the surveillance of new and emerging pathogens with the development of new treatment, prevention, and control strategies. Our program closely interfaces with diverse academic, government, and industry partners on the national and international level, and it is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the infectious diseases research community in South East Asia.

Researchers in our program investigate different aspects of dengue and other arboviruses, influenza, and Rickettsia biology, ranging from epidemiological surveys in humans and animals, mechanistic studies of entry, replication and egress, immune response to infection, to drug and vaccine development and efficacy assessment, thus providing opportunities for research projects with basic and translational research and public health focus. Students can work with any of the mentors listed below.


Curriculum RequirementCredit

Semester 1
Core Course "Molecules to Medicines"
Laboratory Rotation 1
Laboratory Rotation 2
Laboratory Rotation 3

Semester 2 onwards
Compulsory course:
GMS6904 - Principles of Infectious Diseases - 4 credit
GMS6910 - Evolutionary Genetics - 4 credit
GMS6900 - Student Research Seminars (6 semesters)

Thesis & Research