Pre-Medical Module

The Duke-NUS Pre-Medical Module provides a select group of students a unique opportunity to better prepare themselves for entry to graduate medical programmes such as the Doctor of Medicine programme at Duke-NUS. The module, titled GMS1000: The Duke-NUS Pre-Med Course is taught by Duke-NUS postdoctoral fellows.

GMS1000: The Duke-NUS Pre-Med Course

All students who apply to read the GMS1000 module will undergo a pre-selection process. This module will provide an opportunity for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them excel in their clinician scientist training. In addition, this also gives them an opportunity to interact with faculty members, clinical/postdoctoral fellows, medical/postgraduate students and other research staff at Duke-NUS.

For NUS students, the GMS1000 module carries 4 modular credits, and is classified under Unrestricted Elective Module.

The GMS1000 module has a total of 14-15 sessions (depending on the number of field trips available at the time of the module). Each session lasts 2 hours and will be conducted at Duke-NUS (Outram Campus). Students will have to factor in the duration of travel when they plan their schedule to read this module.

The module runs twice a year: 

1.    NUS Academic Year Semester 2

  • This module is designed for Years 1-2 undergraduate students from NUS Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Yale-NUS College.
  • The module runs on Wednesdays at 4.30pm – 6.30pm for 14 weeks (including NUS Recess Week).

2.    NUS Special Term

  • This module is designed for students from all other universities in and outside of Singapore, including other faculties in NUS not mentioned above.
  • Students from other universities will enrol into this module as non-graduating and non-exchange students. For fees and more information on the Special Term, please click here.
  • The module runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10.00am – 12.00pm (occasionally at 2.00pm – 4.00pm for field trips), for 5 weeks.


Learn more about the GMS1000 module syllabus.


Course Directors

Dr. Wong Peiyan
Senior Research Fellow
Department of Pharmacology
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS

Dr. Suhail Ahmad Kabeer Rasheed
Senior Research Fellow
Programme in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology
  Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr. Lee Cheng Jie Irene
Senior Associate
Medical Education, Research and Evaluation
Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr. Sarada Harichand Bulchand
Senior Research Fellow
Office of Education
Duke-NUS Medical School


For information about the Course Faculty, please click here.



To be admitted to GMS1000, you are required to be:
· A current undergraduate student (for Semester 2 module, only Years 1-2 undergraduate students from NUS Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Yale-NUS College will be eligible to apply)
· In good academic standing with no disciplinary or administrative procedures pending

When to Apply
To read the module in Semester 2, you may submit your application between October and November. Selected students will be informed via email by early December.

To read the module in Special Term, you may submit your application between December and January. Selected students will be informed via email by February.

How to Apply
The following items MUST be included in the application package that you must submit online for admission to the GMS1000 module:
· A completed online application form
· Supporting documents (stated on the application form)


Application Form for Academic Year 2017-2018 Semester 2

Application Form for 2018 Special Term (deadline: 15th January 2018)


Frequently Asked Questions

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For enquiries on the Pre-Medical Module, please email