Pre-Medical Module - FAQs

1.    What is the course code and name for the Pre-Medical Module?
The Pre-Medical Module is known officially as GMS1000: The Duke-NUS Premed Course. 

2.    Which students are eligible to read the GMS1000 module?
ONLY Years 1-2 undergraduate students from NUS Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Yale-NUS College are eligible to read the module in Semester 2.

All students from any university in and outside of Singapore are eligible to read the module in the Special Term. (Students from other universities will enrol into the Special Term module as non-graduating and non-exchange students.) 

Please refer to the Pre-Medical Module page for more information.

3.    How do I apply to read the GMS1000 module?
Applications for Semester 2 open in October every year. Applications for Special Term open in December every year.

Announcements will be sent out to invite applications. Please refer to the Pre-Medical Module page on how to apply.

4.    I am a 3rd year student at NUS. Can I apply to the GMS1000 module?
We encourage students to apply in the freshman and junior years as this will allow more time to prepare for application to the Duke-NUS MD programme.

5.    I have applied to read GMS1000 in the last round but was unsuccessful, can I reapply?
Yes, you will be allowed to reapply. However, you will need to resubmit all the relevant application documents in order to be considered.

6.    Where can I find the online application form?
You may refer to the Pre-Medical Module page, under the Application Section. The link to the online application form will appear there when the application period begins.

7.    In the online application form, I am expected to provide my CAP/GPA. However, I am only in my Semester 1 of Year 1, and do not have a CAP/GPA yet. Can I still apply?
You can still apply. You will need to provide your academic transcript from your Junior College / Polytechnic / high school to support your application.