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Educational Research at Duke-NUS

Educational Research at Duke-NUS

“Transforming medicine, improving lives”. It isn’t just the Duke-NUS mission statement, it is the very core of what motivates our educational research mission. The overarching goal of our educational research agenda is to better understand how people learn, and to best apply what we know about learning. We conduct effectiveness studies that translate efficacious learning strategies identified by the psychological and cognitive neurosciences to the real-world classroom. We aim to dissect, probe, and test educational theories and assumptions to ensure that our fundamental educational frameworks are valid. And, we strive to be international leaders in the field of educational research.

Our research portfolio consists of several, ongoing, funded research studies with the purpose of investigating the use of various educational technologies on medical students’ experiences and learning. We are also rigorously evaluating our principal teaching strategy (TeamLEAD), and our clinical teaching strategies.

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