Student Council

The Student Council


Medical school is not entirely about academics, community service and of course, fun and games happen throughout the year. The student council is the major body coordinating these school events and various community service projects. In addition, it serves as a bridge between all students of Duke-NUS (MDs, MD/PhDs and PhDs) and the school administration. Every year, the council is re-elected by the student body during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is traditionally made up of one representative from each class. In addition, each class will have its own council to better reach out to every student in the school.


The 8th Student Council (AY2015/2016)



Francine Tan (Class of 2017)

Vice-President (Welfare)

Alicia Ong (Class of 2018)

Vice-President (Comm Service)

Tan Hongyu (Class of 2017)


Tan Si Qi (Class of 2019)


Chuang Xue Ling (Class of 2017)